Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica

Jamaica is a magical place with a joyful energy so contagious that it'll never leave you. I was immediately in awe of the island and its vibrant landscape, food, people, and rich culture when I first visited in 2013.  I've been back multiple times since - exploring every corner I can. Each time, I find another reason to love this beautiful country settled in the Caribbean Sea. 

The most recent visit was last month, July '18. For ten amazing days I explored the northern and south-eastern parts of the country with my family and my close friends. We headed to Negril for our final stop to enjoy a much needed stay at the lovely Rockhouse Hotel. It was perfect. When I arrived I was immediately transfixed: the Rockhouse grounds warmly embraces you once you enter and literally does not let go. The hotel, with its 35+ villas, is nothing short of amazing. 

Lush landscapes.
Crystal blue waters.
Rock cliffs.

Each and every element meshed well making my visit everything and MORE. Explore my experience at the Rockhouse through the pictures I've shared below:

The Villas.

The Rockhouse has various villa options ranging from Premium, Garden, Studios and Standard Rooms. I stayed in their Garden VIlla, because I was with my family. We had the most chill time! I was a little concerned that my teens would be bored with the concept of relaxing and unwinding, but much to my surprise they slept most of the time and had no complaints. However, if you're looking to do more than relax and you've brought your teens along, it's not hard to keep them entertained. Rick's Cafe is down the road and other fun attractions, such as Dunn's River Falls, is a car ride away. 

I loved the room's layout. Simple and beautifully decorated.

The bathroom was another highlight. The outdoor shower was probably the dopest part. I'm seriously plotting out a way to build one back at home in Brooklyn! I can't lie though, the mosquitos were a bit aggressive. However, the hotel does a great job at providing tips to prevent the insects from getting out of hand. They also supplied mosquito nets, complimentary repellent spray, and citronella coils to burn to keep the pests away. 

I took a video of the awesome shower, watch below:

Here are some shots of the standard rooms and more...

The Lush Landscape.

At every turn the Rockhouse is filled with gorgeous trees, plants, and flowers. The lavish greenery works effortlessly to maintain a comfortable, relaxing vibe. So much so, I couldn't help but to get barefoot and play in the garden.

The Food & Decor.

Admittedly, I didn't capture a lot of pictures of the food I ate, but if you trust what I tell you, know that the food was incredible. Definitely try the "Bushman's Stew" at the Push Cart restaurant. Of course, I couldn't resist getting caught up in my most favorite thing of all, the interior decor. There's color everywhere! It's harmonious and on point in resonating with the colorful tone you can see all over the island of Jamaica.

The plush couches are covered with vivid Ankara wax fabric that lives perfectly among the surrounding decor of art, books and tropical plants.

The vintage artwork was so vibrant and fun!

The Blue Water & Rock Cliffs.

Honestly, we had such an amazing time. I'm already planning our trip back to the Rockhouse for 2019. I recommend this spot to adults young and old, especially couples, and also to families with teenagers or above.



Rockhouse IG

Eat @ Rockhouse

More pics...

On the road in Negril...

On our way to the Rockhouse I captured shots of colorful buildings that stood out to me. 

The Rockhouse Spa

I didn't get an opportunity to experience the spa, but there's always next time. Nevertheless, the spa's layout was also very simple and beautiful.