Peek inside the creative space of Detroit, MI native Antonio "Shades" Agee. Shades is a dope Graphic Artist whose artwork spans across many different mediums. Graffiti art is where it began for Shades at a young age when the genre had yet to become a popular trend in Detroit. His love for art and exploration gave him opportunities to travel the world perfecting his craft while building a notable career as an artist.

What I find intriguing is the ability for Shades's art to translate into many different platforms. He has worked with brands such as Fiat, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Universal Studios, and Quicken Loans, and two of his pieces are archived at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

I caught up with Shades for an exclusive look into his studio, where most of the inspiration happens. Read on to learn what drives him, find out what some of his favorite things are, and see some of his amazing art...

Photo Credit: Shades

3 Ways Your Space Inspires You

1. My studio is right downtown Detroit and the sound of the city is outside my windows.

2. In the building where I am, there are other artist and artwork on the walls.

3. I live and work in my studio (that's enough for inspiration)

Photo Credit: Shades

2 Items You Can't Live Without

My headphones is a must 

Photo Credit: Shades

Photo Credit: Shades

1 Adjective to Describe Your Space:


What's your favorite app?

The Pantone color app on my phone

What drives you?

Knowing that I can create and make a living doing what I love.

Photo Credit: Shades

Photo Credit: Shades

What's next?!

Grow old, make art and have fun.

Photo Credit: Shades

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