Niya B.

Summer '17 brought exciting opportunities that I look forward to sharing on the blog. One in particular was the chance to sit down and build with Niya Bascom and his delightful son, Zion. Niya - photographer, designer, creative director - is half of the amazing design duo Ishka Designs, whose notable work and expertise transcends the interior design industry. 

On probably the hottest summer day of this year, I biked over to Niya's gorgeous home in Brooklyn. When I arrived I was in awe of the character his home emanated inside and out. Perfectly curated collection of pieces acquired throughout his years of work and travel filled the space. Each piece, whether a painting, furniture, or family photo had a story that spoke volumes. 

Niya and I spoke for a good while about his passion for art, music, family, elements of design and just life, while he played soulful music from his extensive vinyl collection. At times we were joined by Zion, who is such a joyful young man. The strong bond and loving relationship between the two is wonderful to witness. I'm grateful to both Niya and Zion for letting me capture their space and I'm excited to share with you.

Let's explore!

Living room:

The tone of the space is easily defined by the music played from the turntable that day. Like the notes that carried through the room, each painting/artwork and furniture told a story. 


Impressive vinyl collection with so many legends...


The Kitchen:

As I explored the ground floor of Niya's home I was intrigued by all of the amazing art and cultural pieces he's collected during his travels. The kitchen, in particular, was one of my favorite parts of the space.  Every item was placed methodically, much like the theme of each room I passed through. The raw brick walls, metal chairs, gorgeous dining room table designed with mixed materials of wood and metal all helped to bring the space together cohesively.


I absolutely adored the vibrant colors and unique shapes of the cookware adorned on the stove! #swoon


The hallway walls are aligned with a gallery of pictures rich in Niya's family history and culture. What's most striking are the beautiful father and son portraits of him and Zion...