Music Curator

Music Curator

Meet Courtney Anderson, a music curator and industry expert dominating the global dance music remix scene. Courtney hails from Brooklyn, NY, but has been living in Harlem for over a decade. When he's not curating #1 hits for his clients, he's out and about experiencing the cultural atmosphere only NYC can offer, keeping him in tune with current trends. 

Today, I spent some time with Courtney to learn more about why his amazing apartment, which also doubles as his studio, gives him both inspiration to create and peace of mind. 

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3 Things you love about your apartment...

1. Openness – When I'm creating music I like to pace through my apartment and really get a feel for how the sound will fill a space. I need to hear it. Therefore, my space has to be neat and organized – arranged in a way that will help the vibes to flow and infiltrate every corner. 

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2. Art – It's key in pulling my space together. I'm particularly keen on having a representation of works created by my artist friends. It's a huge part of my home's aesthetic, and it's important because their passion motivates my own. Their pieces serve as an inspiration and reminder to me that they're out there doing their thing, and that makes me happy!

Photo credit: Black & White Portrait  Andre D. Wagner

Photo credit: Black & White Portrait Andre D. Wagner

Photo credit:  Andre D. Wagner

Photo credit: Andre D. Wagner

3. Spatial design - It's important to have a space that when you look around it feels good. I'm lucky to have the huge space I have here in NYC. Since I work at home and have to create in this space, everything has to feel good. I love for people to come into my space and feel comfortable.

The design elements are extremely important. Things in my space are placed meticulously and in a way that complements one another. It's not contrived, but more so curated with many things that have impacted my life over the years. You should have things around you that you really, really love, to serve as reinforcements/motivators. 

Vinyl credit:  Record Runner  - 5 Jones St, Village, NYC

Vinyl credit: Record Runner - 5 Jones St, Village, NYC

2 items that you can't live without...

My plant, Randy. She was given to me by my mom when I first moved into this apartment. Randy survived a fire. After being locked in this smoked-filled apartment for four days, I nursed her back to health, and she's been going strong ever since. 

My music. It has always been an integral part of my life. I was raised in a home where a mixture of soulful sounds were constantly played, and at levels that forced you to move your body, sing along, and feel the energy. It's always been in my heart and continues to drive my passion as a music curator.  


More fun facts about Courtney:

Founder of thatboycourtney c/o Peace Bisquit Productions & Management

Obsessed with headphones. My favorite by far are the Sennheiser brand. 

What are you passionate about?

New York City. The noise, the smells, the people inspire me and my work.

What's next?!

To keep creating and finding new ways of expression, in some ways I feel like I am just getting started.

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